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Taggiasche olives in brine


The small size, the elongated shape, but above all the taste, delicate and sweet with a bitter note, make the taggiasche olives unique.



Taggiasche olives in brine.
Taggiasche olives, water, salt, natural flavors and aromatic herbs.

Additional information

Weight 0,5 kg

Particular signs

Perfect to be savored on a toasted bread.

Nutritional values for 100 gr. of product

Energy: 378 kcal

Fats: 39,2 g. :

  • saturated 5,7 g

Carbohydrates: 4,01 g of which sugars: 4,1 g

Protein: 1,4 g

Salt: 2,94 g


Keep in a cold and dry place. Once opened, the product should be kept in the fridge with a drizzle of oil that always covers the product.